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SBEM Calculations for new build commercial buildings

We provide SBEM Calculations (Energy Performance Certificate – BRUKL report) for offices, restaurants, shopping centres, retail stores, wholesale shops, hotels, industrial parks, warehouses, factories, medical centres, garages, and industrial buildings.

Download sample of SBEM EPCFuture By Energy

Download sample of SBEM calculation – BRUKL reportFuture By Energy

Download sample of SBEM inputsFuture By Energy

Download sample of SBEM reportFuture By Energy

SBEM calculations are required If you are constructing a new build commercial premises. SBEM calculations are carry out in accordance with the Part L2A regulations. The BRUKL report will then need to be supplied to the to the building control officer.
SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) is the methodology that is used to calculate the energy efficiency of the commercial buildings. This is required by Government to gain a better understanding of the energy efficiency of the UKs building. A target CO2 emission rate (TER) will be generated by SBEM software which must be met by building (BER).
SBEM is a software tool developed by BRE that provides an analysis of a building’s energy consumption and to demonstrate the energy performance of new and extended ‘non dwellings
SBEM is also used to generate Energy Performance Certificates for non-domestic buildings on construction and at the point of sale or rent.
SBEM is used for non domestic buildings in support of the National Calculation Methodology (NCM), the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) and the Green Deal.
The SBEM calculations are generated into two stages. ‘Design stage’ and ‘As-Built’. We also provide commercial EPC in as built stage.

Design stage SBEM Calculations

SBEM calculation must be provided to the building control officer before starting the construction. This means assessing the building based on the drawings and specification supplied. You must comply with the regulations and achieve PASS on BRUKL report at this stage. We normally advice on how to meet the regulations by altering the proposed insulation or system specifications.
The output of the BRUKL report is a simple pass or fail. We will make sure to provide the most feasible and cost effective solutions to achieve a PASS while creating the SBEM report.

As-built SBEM report and final EPC

This is the SBEM report that is provided to building control for the final sign off. This may have to be updated from the Design Stage SBEM calculations to demonstrate the various wanted and unwanted changes have been made.
We also provide SBEM calculations for extensions, refurbishments, conversions and change of use projects.

What do we need?

In order to complete the SBEM assessments for you we require all the folowings:
Here are the necessary details for SBEM calculation (Some of these details might not be relevant)
Majority of these details can be found on planning drawings or mechanical and electrical specification.
The full post code and address
All of these drawings :
Scaled Floor plans.
All elevation drawings
1 section drawing
Location/site plan

Specification of the Walls (external walls, corridor walls, stud walls, mansard walls, etc..): Material Spec and insulation detail (U value calculation or at least Material breakdown with thickness shown)for example 100mm Brickwork, 100mm cavity filled with Rockwool, 100mm Thermal block 15mm Plasterboard)
-Specification of the Ground floor (floor above soil) : Material Spec and insulation detail (U value calculation or at least Material breakdown with thickness shown)
– Specification of the roof (pitched roof, flat roof, slopping roof): Material Spec and insulation detail (U value calculation or at least Material breakdown with thickness shown)
Glazing details for windows (type of coating, air gap thickness) for example double glazed PVC window with Argon filled (12mm) and Soft Low E coating, please provide U value and G value if known.

Heating system (for example SUPRIMA 40 by POTTERTON)
Hot water system (for example 150 litre tank with 50 mm insulation)

If there is any kind of heat recovery, details about that.
Information about mechanical ventilation. (for example extract fans in the bath rooms and toilets + hood in the kitchen)
Information about PV panel (KWP? of the total panels), Solar Panel (m2? of the panels), wind turbine, CHP, heat pump, etc…. (if there is any)
Lighting type – Total number of lights and number of low energy lights such as compact florescent and LED.
Air permeability test result.(if there is any)
Please note we carry out Air pressure/permeability tests, noise tests and water efficiency calculations.

Future By Energy
Future By Energy

Future BY Energy

Future BY Energy Ltd is a professional energy assessor company with a rich understanding of the UK energy market. We offer independent professional expertise in mechanical engineering for all domestic and commercial buildings and strategic energy advice. As expert designers and specifiers of heating-cooling systems, we pride ourselves in finding affordable energy efficient solutions for new and existing buildings. We have top level experience in a wide range of building types in both commercial and domestic sectors.
As registered energy assessors we provide:

• Domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)
• SAP calculation and predicted energy assessment for new built dwellings (EPC-SAP/PartL)
• SBEM calculation for Commercial buildings (SBEM/Part L)
• Commercial Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)
• Display Energy Certificates for Public buildings (DEC)
• Air Conditioning Inspections (TM44)
• Asbestos surveys and consultancy
• Air permeability-Leakage test
• Sound test and acoustic consultancy

Please do not hesitate to contact, Behdad Yazdani, on 02081440820, who will be pleased to advise you.